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Cryogenic purification plant


In the new synthetic ammonia industry, the cryogenic cleaning process, rectisol process plus cryogenic liquid nitrogen washing, has the features of low energy consumption, equipment reliability and environmental friendliness. From 2007, most of the new constructing ammonia projects in China use the cryogenic technology for the syngas purification.


Typical Application and Product for Cryogenic Purification Plant



Typical Application

Final product

Liquid nitrogen washing process

Ammonia is synthesized by pure hydrogen, nitrogen by a ratio of 3:1.  After rectisol process, the synthetic gas still contains traces of carbon monoxide and argon, etc, which shall be removed through liquid nitrogen washing process

Exquisite gas

Rectisol process

In industries such as ammonia and methanol, synthetic gas contains components like sulfide and carbon dioxide, which shall be removed through rectisol process

Purified gas

LNG and LAR recovery from synthetic ammonia exhaust

Using cryogenic method to recover argon and methane from ammonia gas relief, thus provide economic benefits

LNG and liquid argon


LNG produced from coal chemical syngas

Cryogenic separation of H2, CH4 from coal gasification syngas to get liquid methane (LNG)


Conventional ammonia plant reconstruction using cryogenic CO removal process

By using cryogenic technology to remove CO, cold from expander.  The process is environmental protective and energy saving