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Ethylene cold box

Zhongtai has the technology and equipments for the design and manufacture of million ton per year ethylene cold box and column overhead condenser, PFV.  Zhongtai is familiar with ethylene process like Lumus, SW and Linde process.  Zhongtai’s persistent research and technical innovation provide basic support for the long-standing, safe, reliable and efficient operation of ethylene plant.


Zhongtai delivered the whole set of cryogenic cold box, column overhead condenser and plate fin heat exchangers for Huajin Chemical ethylene plant, and PFV for Petro-china Liaohua ethylene plant, with good performance.  Zhongtai has advanced and special design in thermosiphon technology, dephlegmation technology and PFV condensation evaporation technology for ethylene plant low temperature area.  Its performance was proved by the good operation of the plants.