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Cryogenic liquefaction plant

Generally two methods of pressurization and cooling are used to generate gas liquefaction, while the critical temperature for most gases are far below the ambient temperature, they could not be liquefied just under pressure. In industry, we always produce the liquid product with cryogenic technology which makes the gas below the boiling point temperature. After gas liquefaction, not only the transportation and storage difficulty of gas have been overcome, but also, some liquefied gases like liquid helium, liquid hydrogen have special applications.


The Typical Application and Final Product for Cryogenic Liquefaction Plant


Typical Application

Final product

Natural gas liquefaction process

Condense natural gas to be liquid to produce LNG


Coke gas, industrial exhaust liquefaction process

  Coke oven gas and industrial exhaust (synthetic ammonia purge gas, etc) methanation and cryogenic liquefaction to make LNG.


Oxygen, nitrogen liquefaction process

Condense the surplus industrial gas from metallurgy, chemical industries to make liquefied gas for storage.

Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen

Hydrogen, helium liquefaction process

o liquefy hydrogen, helium.  Liquid hydrogen to be used as fuel of satellites, rockets, hydrogen cars and liquid helium to be applied in superconducting and other sophisticated scientific and technological research.

Liquid hydrogen, liquid helium

Natural gas dehydrogenation process

Small amounts of nitrogen components in the exploited natural gas shall be removed using dehydrogenation process.

Natural gas