Zhongtai’s LNG plant has a size series of 5×104Nm³/d, 10×104Nm³/d, 30×104Nm³/d, 50×104Nm³/d, 100×104Nm³/d, 200×104Nm³/d and 300×104Nm³/d.  Based on the natural gas condition and energy consumption, etc, different processes could apply like mixed refrigerant cycle (MRC) process (pre-cooling can be an option), nitrogen expansion,  pre-cooling nitrogen and methane expansion and cascade process, etc.

Zhongtai has wide reference in clean energy processing like natural gas liquefaction, coal bed gas liquefaction and light hydrocarbon recovery, etc. We are now EPC constructing several LNG plants with plant size 30×104Nm³/d and 50×104Sm³/d in Inner Mongolia, etc. The self-developed mixed refrigerant cycle (MRC) process, with integration of zhongtai’s experienced cryogenic technology, has many advantages like compact arrangement of equipments, plant reliability and low energy consumption, etc.