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LNG cold box

LNG cold box, applied in natural gas liquefaction plant, is to liquefy and purify natural gas.  If nitrogen content in natural gas is more than desirable, nitrogen removal column shall be set to purify natural gas, thus to meet the requirement of LNG code combustion value.


Petrochina Tianjin Dagang 30×104Nm3/d  LNG cold box

Zhongtai has two phase flow patent for LNG COLD box, as well as know-how technology of inter-cold box heavy hydrocarbon removal, mercury removal and mercury resistant, etc.  Zhongtai could provide design of temperature field distribution measurement to be the basis for the LNG plant cooling agent deployment. Zhongtai has more than 20 patents regarding cold box.


Till 2012 Zhongtai has built more than 60 sets of LNG cold boxes.  In Petro-china Hubei Wuhan 500×104Nm³/d LNG project, Zhongtai use an unique design of PFV for the vaporizer.  With compact and reliable heat transfer, the product is in a cylinder shape. Innovative technological advances and high quality in manufacturing pursuits keep Zhongtai with continuous - leading performance.