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H2- CO separation unit

H2- CO Separation is to separate hydrogen and carbon monoxide from syngas. Carbon monoxide is an important chemical raw materials which can be used for the synthesis of a variety of high value added products, such as acetic acid, acetic anhydride, formic acid, dimethyl formamide, light gas and metal carbonyl compounds, etc.


To get high purity carbon monoxide, cryogenic separation process could be used.  Cryogenic separation is to separate various components based on their different boiling points. According to the different contents in carbon monoxide, we use different combinations to realize separation and purification.

The general cryogenic separation process is as follows: the feed mixture gas from rectisol process goes through molecular seive to remove remaining methanol and CO2, and goes through filter to remove the traces of molecular screen powder, then goes into plate-fin heat exchanger inside cold box for cooling, thus most of the CO has condensed and most of hydrogen separated from the separator.  The residue CO liquid from the separator bottom will be sent into distillation column by two streams.  The liquid CO from distillation column bottom will be decompressed and goes into heat exchanger for cold recovery, then goes into compressor for compression and goes out the work section. The main equipments are : molecular sieve adsorber, wound tube heat exchangers, cold box, CO compressor and control system including instrumentation and valves.